How to test your app with the upgraded TinyMCE 4 editor



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We've been working on on upgrading TinyMCE from version 3 to version 4. The dark feature for the upgraded editor will be enabled by default in Confluence 6.14.0 and later.

If you have an app that interacts with the editor in any way, we strongly recommend you test your app with the upgraded editor as soon as possible.  


Confluence 6.14 is fully backward compatible with the TinyMCE v3 API, and we don’t plan to break compatibility anytime soon. However we recommend using the TinyMCE 4 API wherever possible when you need to interact directly with the editor.

You can load editor resources in either the editor-v3 or editor-v4 context if you need something different from either of them. However we recommend you keep using the editor context as you did before, loading the same resources regardless of what version of the editor.  

Does your app load the editor?

Does your app load the editor in its own views? If so, you will need to do the following.


Load additional web-resource context: editor-v4 along with the existing editor.

For example, if you're using requireResourcesForContext('editor'), you should use requireResourcesForContext('editor-v4,editor');.

This only applies when frontend.editor.v4 is enabled. Technically, in v3 you should use requireResourcesForContext('editor-v3,editor');, but this will generally not be necessary. You can use the DarkFeaturesManager in java or the confluence/dark-features AMD module in JS to load either v3 or v4 based on the frontend.editor.v4 dark feature, to be ready for both. For example:

DarkFeaturesManager in Java

darkFeaturesManager.getDarkFeatures().isFeatureEnabled("frontend.editor.v4") // boolean

confluence/dark-features AMD module in JavaScript

require('confluence/dark-features').isEnabled("frontend.editor.v4") // boolean


If you also handle destroying the editor, make sure to use the mceRemoveEditor command:

// TinyMCE 4 API
tinymce.execCommand('mceRemoveEditor', true, 'wysiwygTextarea');
// TinyMCE 3 API
tinymce.execCommand('mceRemoveControl', true, 'wysiwygTextarea');

TinyMCE 4.x API の活用

Although the 3.x API is available using a polyfill TinyMCE plugin, we encourage you to use the newer API once v4 becomes the default. See

Testing with earlier Confluence versions

This information is only required for Confluence 6.14.0-m50 and earlier.


To test your app, spin up a normal Confluence instance (6.8 to 6.13), go to <confluence-url>/admin/darkfeatures.action, and add the dark feature frontend.editor.v4. Then, head to the editor and check that your app is working as expected.


For any automated tests, you can spin up Confluence with the V4 editor enabled by adding the following to the JVM args used to start Confluence: -Datlassian.darkfeature.frontend.editor.v4=true. For example:


自動テストでは、v4 がデフォルトになるまでの間は両方のバージョンをテストできるよう、ダーク機能を有効にせずに実行を続け、機能が有効化されたビルドのコピーを追加することをおすすめします。


If you encounter issues with your app in TinyMCE v4, please help us by doing some investigation into what is causing your app to break, then raise an EAP feedback ticket. You'll need to be logged in to for this link to work.

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