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The QuickNav Gadget allows you to add the quick navigation functionality to search your Confluence site.

To search Confluence using a QuickNav Gadget, type the name of a page, blog post, person, file, or space into the search box, and choose from the list of results displayed.

If you don't immediately see what you need, hit Enter or choose the 'Search for' option at the bottom of the search results to go to the advanced search page. Learn more about searching Confluence.

スクリーンショット:クイックナビ ガジェットを使用する

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You can also search for administrative options in the QuickNav Gadget. For example, type 'general' into the search field to go to the General Configuration screen.

More information about the QuickNav Gadget:

  • The QuickNav Gadget returns matches based on the title only, not the content of the page or file.
  • Matching items are grouped by type, so that you can quickly find the type you want. Confluence shows a maximum of 3 admin options, 6 pages and/or blog posts, 2 attachments, 3 people and 2 spaces.
  • 項目は最近更新されたものから表示されます。
  • 権限により検索結果に表示される管理オプションが異なります。そのため、実行権限のあるオプションのみが表示されます。

Confluence クイックナビ ガジェット プロパティ


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