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Stash can send an IM notification to a HipChat room whenever someone pushes to a repository. HipChat notifications are implemented as a post receive hook in Stash, and are available to all repos in Stash.

Here's an example of what you might see, from our own HipChat room:



This integration relies uses v1 API that is deprecated.
Starting version 3.10 of Bitbucket Server, the HipChat integration is built-in and uses the v2 API. 

If you run into issues with this integration that are caused by a bug in the v1 API, Atlassian will recommend that you upgrade your Bitbucket Server to at least version 3.10.

Configure Stash to send notifications to your HipChat server

A Stash admin can configure Stash to send notifications to rooms whether they're hosted by Atlassian on, or by your own organization's HipChat Server instance.

To change the setting for HipChat Server, you just need to tell Stash the fully qualified domain name (FQDN). Go to Server settings in the Stash admin area, and scroll down to 'HipChat integration':


Configure HipChat notifications for a repository

You can enable and disable HipChat notifications for a particular repo by going to Settings > Hooks for the repo:

Click the edit icon for 'HipChat Push Notifications' to specify the name of the HipChat room and the API token:

Talk to your HipChat administrator to get the API token for the HipChat server.

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