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This page describes very specific configuration for your database connection parameters, which are set by Stash during database setup and migration. We don't expect that you will edit these except in collaboration with Atlassian Support.

In your Stash home directory, the database configuration is contained within the file. For example:




jdbc.urlThis is the JDBC url that Stash will use to connect to the database. This should include the driver subprotocol (e.g., postgresql:), the hostname, port and database that you will connect to. This string may vary depending on the database you are connecting to. Please seek specific examples for other databases from your database provider.
jdbc.userThis is the user that Stash will connect to the database with. The user will need to be able to create and drop tables and indexes, as well as read and write operations on the entire database schema defined in jdbc.url.
jdbc.passwordThe password that the user defined by jdbc.user will connect with.
jdbc.driverThe JDBC driver class that should be used by Stash to connect to the database.

If none of the above values are specified in, then a provided HSQL database will be used.