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This page lists the supported platforms for Stash 2.1.x.

See JIRA integration for information about supported versions of JIRA.


Key: (tick) = Supported; (error) = Not Supported

Java バージョン


Oracle JDK

(tick) 1.7
(tick) 1.6
(error) 1.5

  • For the server, please ensure that you have the Java JDK. It is not enough to have just the JRE.
    JDKs other than the Oracle JDK are not supported.
  • You can download the Java SE Development Kit (JDK) from the Oracle website.
  • Once the JDK is installed, you will need to set the JAVA_HOME environment variable, pointing to the root directory of the JDK.
    Some JDK installers set this automatically (check by typing 'echo %JAVA_HOME%' in a command prompt, or 'echo $JAVA_HOME' in a shell).
    You should do this before installing Stash.




Microsoft Windows

(tick) (Not supported for Enterprise tiers)

  • Stash is a pure Java application and should run on any platform, provided all the JDK requirements are satisfied.
  • If you are using Linux/UNIX: A dedicated user should be created to run Stash, as Stash runs as the user it is invoked under and therefore can potentially be abused.

    Here is an example of how to create a dedicated user to run Stash in Linux:
    $ sudo /usr/sbin/useradd --create-home --home-dir /usr/local/Stash --shell /bin/bash Stash

  • (warning) Although Stash can be run in virtualised environments, Atlassian is not yet able to provide technical support for performance-related problems in a virtualised environment.
    If you do chose to run Stash in a VM, please ensure that you choose a VM with good IO throughput.



Apple Mac OS X

(tick) (evaluation only)



(tick) 8.2、8.3、8.4、9.1

Please see our documentation on connecting Stash to an external database.

(tick) 11g

Microsoft SQL Server /Microsoft SQL Server Express(tick) 2008 R2, 2012
MySQL(tick) MySQL Enterprise Server 5.1.x or later
(tick) MySQL Community Server 5.1.x or later


(tick) (bundled; for evaluation use only)




Microsoft Internet Explorer

(tick) 10
(tick) 9
(tick) 8 (deprecated)


Mozilla Firefox

(tick) Latest stable version supported
(tick) Tested with 3.6



(tick) 最新の安定バージョンをサポート



(tick) 最新の安定バージョンをサポート

DVCS Clients  
Git - server side(tick) 1.7.6+, 1.8.0+The version of Git installed on machines that interact with Stash must be compatible with the version of Git installed for use by the Stash server.
Git - client side(tick) 1.6.6 以降
Perl(tick) 5.8.8 or higher 
Mail Clients  
Microsoft Outlook (tick) Express, 2007, 2010, Windows Live Mail 
iOS Devices (tick) iPhone、iPad 
Hotmail (tick) 最新版 
Apple Mail (tick) Apple Mail 4 
Yahoo! Mail (tick) 最新版 
Gmail (tick) 最新版 


Deploying multiple Atlassian applications in a single Tomcat container is not supported. We do not test this configuration and upgrading any of the applications (even for point releases) is likely to break it.

Finally, we recommend not deploying any other applications to the same Tomcat container that runs Stash, especially if these other applications have large memory requirements or require additional libraries in Tomcat's lib subdirectory.

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