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You can use SSH keys to establish a secure connection between your computer and Stash for when you are performing Git operations, however the option to clone using SSH only becomes available once you've added an SSH key to your user profile in Stash. This page describes how to do that.

  • If you already have a key you want to usego to step 4 .
  • Your Stash administrator must have already enabled SSH access to Git repositories.
  • Supported key types are DSA and RSA2. RSA1 is not supported.


1. 既存の SSH キーの確認

You should check for existing SSH keys on your local computer. If you already have a key pair that you want to use, you can go to step 4.

Open a command prompt, and run the following:

cd %userprofile%/.ssh
  • If you see "No such file or directory", then there aren't any existing keys: go to step 3.

  • すでにキーを持っているかどうかを確認します。

    dir id_*
  • If there are existing keys, you may want to use them: go to step 4.

2. 古い SSH キーのバックアップ

If you have existing SSH keys, but you don't want to use them when connecting to Stash, you should back those up.

Do this in a command prompt on your local computer, by running:

mkdir key_backup
copy id_rsa* key_backup

Now generate a new SSH key.

3. 新しい SSH キーの生成

If you don't have an existing SSH key to use, you need to generate one.

  1. ローカル コンピューターに管理者としてログインします。
  2. Open a command prompt, and run the following:


    Note that the ssh-keygen command is only available if you have already installed Git (with Git Bash).
    You'll see a response similar to this:

  3. Just press <Enter> to accept the default location and file name. If the .ssh directory doesn't exist, the system creates one for you.
  4. プロンプトが表示されたら、パス フレーズの入力と確認入力を行います。全体の流れは次のようになります。

  5. You're done! Now add the new key to Stash.

4. Add an SSH key to Stash

  1.   In your command prompt, change directory to the .ssh directory, and copy the public key file to your clipboard, by running:

    cd %userprofile%/.ssh
    clip <
  2. In Stash, go to your profile:

  3. Click on SSH Keys and then Add Key:

  4. キーをテキスト ボックスに貼り付けます。

  5. Click Add Key. You're done!
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