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8 April 2010

With pleasure, Atlassian presents version 2.1 of the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse. This release brings Perforce support, JIRA Studio compatibility and a bugfix for JIRA 4.1 support.

As version 2.0 of the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse is not compatible with JIRA 4.1, we encourage customers to upgrade to version 2.1 of the Connector immediately.

The Atlassian Connector for Eclipse is now compatible with Perforce and Atlassian JIRA Studio, while Crucible reviews are also improved. See below for details.

There are a number of smaller improvements and bug fixes, listed below.

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Highlights of this Release


Perforce support

The Atlassian Connector for Eclipse now features much-requested Perforce support, allowing integration with this popular source code repository. Notably, you can now raise pre-commit reviews. This requires the Perforce Eclipse integration plugin (P4WSAD) installed.


Crucible integration improvements

Crucible review integration is now improved:

  • You can now add the same file to the review several times in pre-commit mode.
  • When you do a review in the IDE, you no longer need to open every file from Review Explorer to see Crucible comments and be able to add your own comments. Instead, you can now use standard IDE navigation facilities (such as CTRL+click, Open Type, Package Explorer, etc.) to open editors.
  • If the Connector detects that an opened file matches those under active review, then it will automatically highlight that file with Crucible comments and will allow commenting.
  • Review Explorer now correctly displays files added to the review in many copies.


JIRA Studio compatibility

The latest version of JIRA Studio is now compatible with the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse:

  • Google Apps compatibility has now been added.
  • Connector 2.1.0 now allows you to use JIRA in this suite. Before it was not possible to even log in from Connector.
  • JIRA Studio integration: older versions of the Connector could not work with JIRA Studio. This upgrade restores compatibility with the most recent hosted tools.

(info) Known limitation: users have to authenticate using their JIRA password rather than their Google Apps password. It's advisable to set both passwords to the same value.


JIRA 4.1 compatibility updated

JIRA 4.1 compatibility has been restored with this release. JIRA 4.1 offers a range of upgrades, such as the new image gallery, 'bulk move' components and versions, and new user interface design.


Other things worth mentioning

This release brings a number of bug fixes and improvements.

  • A bug with lost focus on Windows while adding or editing review comment was resolved.


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