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(info) Note that this page only applies if you are using the Classic Boards (which are no longer being actively developed; read more).
If you are using the new boards, please see Creating an Epic


エピックは多くの作業量を必要とします。エピックは基本的に大きなユーザーストーリーで、いくつかの小さなストーリーに分割できます。1 つのエピックを完了するのに、数個のスプリントが必要になる場合があります。 



(Note: In JIRA, epic is a searchable field — see the JIRA JQL documentation for details.)

エピックの詳細については、次の 2 つの優れた記事が提供されています。

Epics are implemented in GreenHopper via a JIRA custom field of type 'label', which are used to associate cards with a parent epic.

From GreenHopper 5.3, your GreenHopper project must use the 'Scrum' template to successfully work with Epics. Upon applying this template to your GreenHopper project, you will then be able to associate Epics with other GreenHopper issue types and vice versa (as described in Working with Epics in GreenHopper Classic).