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2012 年 8 月 29 日

The Atlassian team announces the release of GreenHopper 6.0.2, bringing you customisable card colours, enhanced sprint planning, and lots of time-savers.


Thank you for your feedback:
13 new features and improvements implemented
More than 90 votes fulfilled

Your votes and issues help us keep improving our products, and are greatly appreciated.
Please keep logging your votes and issues. They help us decide what needs doing!

This release also includes a number of fixes.

Upgrading to GreenHopper 6.0.2 is free for all customers with an active GreenHopper license.

You can upgrade GreenHopper via the JIRA Plugin Manager. Before upgrading, please read the GreenHopper 6.0.2 Upgrade Notes.

Customisable card colours

You will be as pleased as we are to see this very popular request satisfied. You can now configure your card colours based on Issue Types, Priorities, Assignees, or JQL queries of your choice.


Multiple active sprints

If you are working on a large, multi-team project, then you may want to keep track of each team's current activity – that is, you may want to track multiple active sprints.

In GreenHopper 6.0.2, if your board's filter is configured to display multiple projects then you can now see all of the active sprints. Great for Scrum of Scrums meetings.

Multiple active sprints in Plan mode:

...and in Work mode (click the sprint name to toggle between the various active sprints):


Ability to rename future sprints

Following on from GreenHopper 6.0, where we delivered the ability to create multiple upcoming sprints, GreenHopper 6.0.2 brings you the ability to rename your future sprints.

Simply mouseover the sprint name, click and start typing:


Expand/collapse all swimlanes

This will save you some time and mouseclicks.

To instantly see all issues in all of your swimlanes in Work mode, simply press the "-" key (see Using Keyboard Shortcuts) or select Tools > Expand all swimlanes:


Burndown Report shows what didn't get done

The Burndown Report now includes an itemised list of incomplete issues/outstanding work at the end of the sprint:


Navigation change yields faster performance

In GreenHopper 6.0.2 we have removed the board selection drop-down, which has improved page load performance — especially on instances that have lots of boards.

You can still access all boards via Agile > Manage Boards, and of course your most recently used boards are available directly from the Agile menu:



GreenHopper 6.0.2 includes the following updates and bug fixes:

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