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Changes in the Clover 3.1.10 for Maven 2 and 3 plugin

2013 年 1 月 8 日

This is a bugfix release that addresses issues found in Clover-for-Maven 3.1.8 and earlier versions.


1) The clover2:setup and clover2:instrument goals have new configuration attribute: setTestFailureIgnore. If set to true, Clover will add several properties to the build configuration which disable a build failure for following plugins:

  • maven-surefire-plugin (maven.test.failure.ignore=true)
  • maven-failsafe-plugin (maven.test.failure.ignore=true)
  • maven-checkstyle-plugin (checkstyle.failOnViolation=false)
  • maven-pmd-plugin (pmd.failOnViolation=false)


Thanks to this, a build continues despite test failures or code validation failures and thus it is possible to generate a Clover coverage report for failed tests at the end of the build. Code example is here.

Note: before version 3.1.10 the testFailureIgnore property was set to true for the forked Clover lifecycle ('instrument' goal) for 'test' and 'integration-test' phases. Since 3.1.10 it is no longer set.


2) The clover2:optimize and clover2:optimizeIntegration goals support full include/exclude syntax, which can be handled by maven-surefire-plugin. Two new cases which are handled right now:

(a) multiple paths separated by comma, like:

<include>**/, **/</include>


(b) regular expression instead of Ant-style pattern




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Please see also the Clover-for-Ant Changelog for all changes in the Clover product.

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