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  • The same sprint is displayed across different scrum boards after moving an issue


Suppose you have the following setup:

  • Project A with Scrum Board A and Sprint A; and
  • Project B with Scrum Board B.

After you move an issue which was included in Sprint A from Project A to Project B, the Sprint A becomes visible on Scrum Board B.

This happens for both open and closed sprints, and also affects all the reports related to sprints on Scrum Board A and Scrum Board B.


This is the current JIRA Agile behavior. Sprints are considered unique entities and are not related to projects but to issues.

Once you move an issue, the sprint value remains the same. All projects which include the target issue will display the sprint the target issue belongs to. Using the example above, after an issue was moved from Project A to Project B, the sprint value remained Sprint A. Since the filter for Scrum Board B returns issues included in Sprint A, then the Sprint will be displayed on the board and in any relevant reports.

Since this is not very intuitive for end-users, we have raised the suggestion below as well:

GHS-11992 - Getting issue details... STATUS


To prevent this from happening, it is possible to clear the Sprint field for the issues before moving them to the target project. 

For changing the value for multiple issues, follow the instructions in the Modifying Multiple (Bulk) Issues document.

Please bear in mind that clearing the sprint field for closed issues / sprints will affect the reports on the boards the issue was originally included.


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