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  • Moving a Sub-Task to In Progress does not Transition its Parent's to the Same Status

When moving any or all sub-tasks to "In Progress", its parent issue remains in "Open" state. It does not reflect the current status of the sub-task, and the job at hand. The only time a parent transitions to a new status is when all of its sub-tasks are "Resolved" or "Closed". This is the default setting for JIRA Agile.

Steps on How to Improve This Feature

  1. Ensure that you have the Misc Workflow Extensions plugin installed in your instance.

    For OnDemand Users

    The plugin has already been bundled but requires activation via Add-Ons > Manage Add-ons

  2. Edit the workflow associated with the reported project.
  3. Add a new post function called Transition parent issue to the Start Progress transition.
  4. Add the ID of the Start Progress transition to the Transition: field:

  5. Ensure the Post-Function is displayed on the transition per the example below:

  6. Apply steps 3 and 4 to the following transitions to make the whole thing seamlessly:
    1. 進行停止 
    2. Reopen
    3. Reopen and start progress
  7. Publish the newly enhanced workflow.
    (info) More information on how to add post functions can be read from here.
    (info) Documentation for the Transition parent issue post function can be read from here.

Testing the Feature

Now, attempt to transition issues from one column to the another column in Work Mode. As long as you're transitioning a sub-task from a list of sub-tasks, you will notice that the parent issue's status will follow the moved sub-task's status:


  1. This is borderline farcical - basic workflow config, like this "parent status optionally follows subtasks", should be part of the main JIRA Agile tool (see JRA-13012 - Getting issue details... STATUS ).


    Anyone doing basic Lean-Agile is likely using subtasks in swimlanes.  But as it stands, an issue generally stays Open until someone Closes it, which causes the history of the parent never to be "In Progress" (thwarting potential WIP metrics).


    Such a simple feature should not require the purchase of a separate third-party plugin.  (More-complicated stuff, sure.)



    1. I agree...this isn't something I should have to implement.  This should just work.  

      This is not a feature.  It's a bug.

    2. I wholeheartedly agree with Johnny. Something this fundamental should just be part of JIRA and not something I'd have to pay yet another additional license fee for. I sincerely hope someone at Atlassian will see how ridiculous this and decide to fix this.

      1. Hi Rogier, I also completely agree with you on this, We should not need to pay additionally for such feature, this has to be part of JIRA Agile. However, you can install Script runner, this is a free plugin which also provide bunch of really helpful scripts. I my self use this on regularly basis, This is very helpful for jira-administrator. 

        Thank you!

  2. Can't get this to work for me

  3. There is no transition parent issue in the available function. On-demand JIRA instance.



    1. Georges, you will need to activate 'Misc Workflow Extensions' via Add-Ons > Manage Add-ons to allow the display of the 'Transition Parent Issue' post-function.

  4. What if I have a number of subtasks and I only want the parent task to transition to a status if all the subtasks are at the same status. Do I have to use a resolution instead?

    What we are trying to do is show a parent task is approved or rejected based on the approve/reject status of the subtasks. The parent starts at a "ready to approve" status when the subtasks get created. If only one subtask is rejected but all others are approved, the parent task should transition to rejected. Only if all subtasks are at approved should the parent task transition to approved.

    I'm not seeing how I can do this with the post function from the subtask without it bouncing between approve/reject based on the sequence the subtasks get an approve/reject status.


    Additionally: I have a subtask workflow and a parent task workflow. That seems like it should be okay. BUT, for the statuses that I'm looking at manipulating, do both workflows have to have at least the couple of statuses that I need to "match"?

    1. Nevermind. I figured it out. I can have the approval status only allowed if there is NOT a rejected subtask status. (I'm not using any special plugins for workflows or sign-off as we are in OnDemand/Cloud, so if anyone would like to see the workflows, please ask. I know it's hard to work how to do things with limited functionality.)

      1. I would love to know how you did this please.

      2. Win

        Hi Sigrid,

        I would also love to learn how you did this as well, since it would be very useful for my team to know. Many thanks in advance.



        1. Hi Win,

          I just found this thread today, and replied to Sigrid's original email from September 2014.  Since you were the last one to reply, and it was from earlier this year, I just wanted to check with you to find out if you ever learned how to do this.  Please let me know.



      3. Hi Sigrid,

        I just came across this thread, and I, too, would love to learn how you did this.  Just to be clear, I want to have the parent issue's status changed from "To Do" to "In Progress" if any one of its sub-tasks' status is set to "In Progress".  Conversely, if all of the sub-tasks are set back to "To Do" or "Done", then I also want the parent issue to mirror that state as well.  I agree with everyone who commented on this issue that it is just ridiculous that we would be asked to license another add-on just to achieve what we consider to be intuitive functionality.

        Many thanks in advance.

        Best regards,


        P.S.  you can reach me at llachman@neotekenergy.com

  5. Can you please clarify the statement "Add a new post function called Transition parent issue to the In Progress transition"?

    I don't see a transition called In Progress in your example. I see a step called In Progress and transitions called Start Progress and Stop Progress. What am I missing here?

    1. Thanks David Land, you are correct and I've updated the documentation to reference the 'Start Progress' transition.

  6. The more I try and use this, the more I feel like it's made by people who don't actually use the functionality and it's so frustrating. When activating the "Agile" plug-in, there are certain minimum functionalities a person doing agile planning / practicing the methodology would expect. Having come from VersionOne to this has been one long, continual exercise in frustration!

    Anyway, rant aside - this implementation assumes that all your stories just have one task... stories have MANY tasks, that's kind of the point. So if I have 10 tasks, two are in progress, three are "open" and I close one... the story closes. How does this make sense?

    Please clarify how this can be configured like so (the following would actually be useful in an agile environment):

    1. While a task in is progress, the story is in progress
    2. If all tasks are closed, the story is closed
    3. If all tasks are open, the story is open

    Sigrid's implementation above seems like it's on the right track in terms of getting the story transition states useful, unfortunately they didn't include how to do, just an offer of explaining if desired and then never returned when asked (sad)

    UPDATE: Following the steps in this very helpful post https://answers.atlassian.com/questions/129331/ should achieve the steps above.

  7. This only works for transitions without validation and without screen.

  8. Agreed with the comments above. This is basic logic - Carson Wilson nailed it above. You can't be using the tool with the agile plug in and not feel that this is a miss in functionality. When work is started on an issue via subtasks the part story/bug should move to in progress....as it is in fact in progress. No developer (or very few) is going to take the extra step and open the parent item and click 'start progress'. 


    Is this fix on the JIRA roadmap?