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  • バーンダウン チャートにガイドラインが表示されない


The guideline is missing in the JIRA Agile Burndown chart


This is an expected behavior if the sprint had been started before assigning any task to the sprint. Hence the guideline is created as 0.


Close the current sprint, re-create a new sprint and make sure to associate the task before starting the Sprint.

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  1. We made sure to create our tasks before starting the sprint yet the guideline still did not appear.  Albeit we just started our sprint today.  I do hope that tomorrow the guideline will appear because I think that was the behavior that I saw before.  Otherwise this is due to another problem.

  2. I noticed that this problem also happens when I start a Sprint with at least one Story that only has Sub-tasks with null estimation associated with it.

  3. I also ended up a similar situation and so created a new sprint and moved all stories to the new Sprint. However, still I get the same problem. My thought is that this could be because the Sprint was started a week back.


    Wanted to add the skewed burndown chart image here but could not attach it.

    Any help on this will be very helpful and thanks in advance !




  4. We had the same problem and found this JIRA that pointed me in the right direction of the cause.

    Just move forward the Start time of the sprint (in Plan view) one hour to make sure that no changes were made after sprint start. No need to create a new sprint or make any other changes!

    This solved the problem very neatly for us!

  5. Changing the start time of the sprint is the key! - Thanks Hazze

  6. I'm sure I had issues before starting the sprint. But the team already started working on it when I was off. So I had the create it with a start date in the past.

    If I change the start time, it doesn't reflect my sprint period anymore.

  7. I am having the same problem. I have stopped and started the sprint a couple of times. I have made sure that there are issues in the sprint prior to starting it. I have tried different start dates/start times, but that does not seem to make any difference. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  8. If the current sprint you are running the burndown chart for falls outside of a certain time-boxed window, you will no longer see the Guideline. The Guideline being visible is based solely on the start and end dates for your sprint. i.e., If you have a sprint that started in March and was set to end in April, but is still open, when you run the burndown chart, you will not see the Guideline at all.

    You can test this by creating a new Scrum board with test data in it and running a burndown chart. Pay attention to the Guideline. Change the start and end dates of the sprint and run the burndown chart again. You will see your Guideline shift to the left.

    In addition to this, JIRA Agile should not let you start a sprint if you have no issues within the sprint backlog.

  9. Hi mlavender

    How to fix the issue for the older sprints which have been ended? No guidelines are shown for the historical sprints. Can you help us here, Thanks