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  • Epic Name vs Epic Link

The purpose of this article is to clarify the function of the JIRA Agile created custom fields, Epic Name and Epic Link.

The Epic Link custom field is a relational link to determine an issue's parent epic.  It is available to all issue types.  

When creating a new Epic, the Epic Name custom field is a short name field used to identify the Epic.  By default it is available to all issue types.  It is intended to be used to label any issues that that belong to the Epic.

(info) Starting in JIRA Agile 6.2.2, if you add the Epic Link field as a column in your JIRA Issue Navigator, it will display the actual name of the epic (Epic Name) rather than the issue key of the epic.

 For further details please see JIRA Agile - JIRA Configuration and Working with Epics.

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