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  • クローズまたは解決済みの課題がスクラム ボードのバックログに表示される


プロジェクトのクローズ済みの課題がスクラム ボードのバックログに突然表示されるようになった。


JIRA Agile does not display issues from the last column of the Scrum board configuration in the backlog section. If your closed issues are not mapped to the last column of the Rapid board, then they would be displayed in the backlog.

For example, in this configuration : 



  • In order to fix the problem here, we would need to configure the 'Done' column as the last column from the Rapid board column configuration. Once we do that, the closed issues would stop appearing in the backlog of the Scrum board.

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  1. We have tickets with a closed status and a resolution of invalid showing in our current sprint.  These tickets were closed in sprints that were closed several months ago.  The Done column is our last column on our scrum board and the closed status is mapped to that column.  I've checked our scrum board filter and don't see anything that would cause this issue.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Thanks in advance.

  2. We are experiencing a similar issue (probably since a recent upgrade, because it never occurred in the past): The issues closed in the current Sprint appear in the view of the current Sprint in plan mode. The closed issues from previous sprints do not appear in the backlog itself, however.

  3. We are experiencing the same problem. The DONE column is last in our board, yet the issues don't disappear when we move to the next sprint. This was working before but doesn't work anymore.

  4. We are experiencing the same issue since the last upgrade. Please advise if there is a fix or this is now expected behavior. 

  5. We´ve the same problem that closed issuses are appearing in the current sprint. Done is also our last column on the board. For information the issues have the stauts fixed or won´t fix.

  6. Hi All:

    Even having the Done column, I experienced the same issue, I saw in my backlog the closed issues form previous Sprints. I have fixed it addind to the Dashboard filter the followind condition sprint not in closedSprints()

    So you will finish having something like: project = "Some Project" AND "Other Conditions..." AND sprint not in closedSprints() ORDER BY ...



  7. Hey there,

    we got a similar problem because we have multiple statuses in the done column and Agile seems to can't work this out. 

    1. Have you tried to use the filter I propose? It has worked like a charm for me