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Email notifications in Crucible can be customized to change their formatting, by editing template files. This page contains instructions for this process.

Editing Crucible email templates

Template files for Crucible are stored in the <Crucible home directory>/template/crucible/ folder and the <Crucible home directory>/template/shared folder. Note that email templates can also be stored in <Crucible install directory>/templates/, and will override those in <Crucible home directory>/templates/.

There are sets of templates for both HTML and plain-text emails, as listed in the table below. Note that these templates do not support embedding full diffs into notifications. They are only for changing the appearance and order of certain content inside the messages.

You can edit templates in any text editor:

  • Either: Stop Crucible before editing templates to avoid disrupting notifications that may otherwise be sent.
  • Or: Avoid editing a live template file, as Crucible may try to use it while you are editing. This could have unpredictable results. Instead, back up the template file (it's wise to keep original versions of all these files), edit a copy you have made, then overwrite the 'live' template once you have finished.
  • After an edit, the change to the email template will take place immediately. No restart is required.

Advanced editing of Crucible email templates

The email notification templates use the Freemarker format. Freemarker is a general templating engine enabling automated content.

If you are familiar with Freemarker, more advanced customizations can be made to the email notification templates. However, you make such adjustments at your own risk.

See Freemarker Data Model for Email Templates in the Fisheye documentation for details of the data model used by Fisheye/Crucible.

Crucible email template files

The following template files for Crucible notification are stored in the <Crucible home directory>/template/crucible/ folder, or its subfolders and <Crucible home directory>/template/shared/ or its subfolders

Template filename



common-mention-macros.ftl 両方


changeset-header.ftl Shared
util.ftl Shared


(tick) (tick)


(tick) (tick)


(tick) (tick)
batch-reviewer-note.ftl (tick) (tick)
batch-revision-added-note.ftl (tick) (tick)
batch-state-note.ftl (tick) (tick)
comment-render-macro.ftl (tick) (error)
crucible-layout.ftl (tick) (tick)
cscomment-notification.ftl (tick) (tick)
general-notification.ftl (tick) (tick)
invite.ftl (tick) (error)
mention-macros.ftl (tick) (tick)
mention-user-in-changeset-comment-notification.ftl (tick) (tick)
mention-user-in-review-comment-notification.ftl (tick) (tick)
mention-user-in-review-description-notification.ftl (tick) (tick)
review-allcomments.ftl (error) (tick)
review-header.ftl (tick) (error)
review-participant-row.ftl (tick) (error)
review-reminder-notification.ftl (tick) (tick)
review-summary.ftl (tick) (tick)
share-footer.ftl (tick) (error)
share-header.ftl (tick) (error)
share-notification.ftl (tick) (tick)

See also Customizing Fisheye Email Notifications.

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