JIRA Integration Issues



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Users are mapped to their own accounts when using Trusted Applications.

If you (or the general account used for JIRA access, if not using Trusted Applications) do not have the permissions to carry out the JIRA actions linked from Crucible, an error will occur. Depending on the error returned from JIRA, Crucible may not display the error correctly or display it at all, simply reporting that "An error has occurred". To investigate what the error was, you can access the Crucible debug log, named fisheye-debug.log.YYYY-MM-DD under the dist.inst/var/log folder of your Crucible installation. In the debug log, look for the date and time when your error took place. Here, you will be able to follow the links and see what error the JIRA instance was producing by clicking through to JIRA.

If you are using JIRA 4.0 you will not be able to create subtasks in versions of Crucible prior to 2.0.5. If you are affected by this bug, please upgrade to at least 2.0.6 (2.0.5 is affected by another bug CRUC-2471).

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