Cloned Crowd instance does not allow login


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After cloning a Crowd instance, users are unable to log in.  When entering a username and password, the page refreshes back to the login page without an error.

In the logs, we can see that the user trying to log in has access to Crowd:

2014-12-12 15:35:32,998 http-bio-8095-exec-23 DEBUG [crowd.manager.authentication.TokenAuthenticationManagerImpl] User <xxxxx> has access to the application <crowd>


The original instance has the Secure SSO Cookie option checked under the Crowd admin console.  If the instance that is being migrated to does not have SSL enabled, the users will be unable to login.  The cookie that Crowd tries to create on the app server is not secure and, in turn, the application does not allow the login process to complete.


アトラシアン サポートの提供について

The following SQL query is outside the scope of Atlassian Support Offerings and is provided for general guidance only.

  • Please run the following query on the database to update the cookie property value:
UPDATE cwd_property SET property_value = 'false' WHERE property_name='secure.cookie';
    • This query may need to be changed for different database types
  • Please restart Crowd and attempt to log in


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