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This documentation is intended for Crowd developers who want to ensure that their existing add-ons are compatible with Crowd 4.0. Crowd 4.0 will contain breaking changes.


Release dateバージョンダウンロード


4.0.0-rc3 (EAP)download link


In this section we're summing up changes we intend to make in Crowd 4.0, and which are already part of Crowd 4.0 EAP,  so you can start thinking how it might impact your apps

Java 11

In Crowd 4.0, we're introducing support for Java 11 (AdoptOpenJDK) runtime support. Java 8 will still be supported, and users can decide if they want to run their Crowd web application using Java 8, or Java 11. Apps should be compatible with both versions. Building is and will be performed on Java 8. So, in the upcoming release, Java 11 features will not be supported in the source code. We tested this EAP milestone against both AdoptOpenJDK 8 and AdoptOpenJDK 11. In this Crowd version, we are changing the API and some components. For the details, see Java 11 and Crowd platform upgrade. Additionally we are updating Guava library, commons-lang, and platform components.

Atlassian User Interface (AUI) のアップグレード

Crowd 4.0 will include a major upgrade of AUI (the Atlassian User Interface) to a current version of AUI 8. See the AUI upgrade guide to find out what's changing.

Spring のアップグレード

As part of our Platform 5 upgrade, we have upgraded Spring framework to 5.1.8.  The main difference that can affect plugins is a change to the default Spring autowiring behaviour from "autodetect" to "constructor". Apps developers should start to use "constructor" injections.

Summary of version ugprades in 4.0.0-m03

Spring 5 への移行
  • spring-core
  • spring-context
  • spring-expression
  • spring-beans
  • spring-tx
  • spring-orm
  • spring-aop
  • spring-web
  • spring-context-support
  • spring-jdbc, spring webmvc

Updated third-party libraries for Java 11 and Atlassian Platform 5.0.0 compatibility
  • servlet-api → 3.1.0
  • jaxb → 2.3.0
  • javax.activation → 1.1.1
  • guava → 26.0-jre
  • commons-lang3 → 3.8
Updated all the platform components for Java 11 and Atlassian Platform 5.0.0 compatibility
  • atlassian-cache → 4.0.0

  • atlassian-oauth → 4.0.1

  • upm-server → 4.0.10-37e432

  • auiplugin → 8.0.2

Summary of version ugprades in 4.0.0-rc3

Migrated to spring-security 5
  • spring-security→ 5.1.5.RELEASE
Upgraded hibernate to 5.4.0.Final
  • hibernate → 5.4.0.FINAL
Updated third-party libraries
  • jaxb → 2.3.1
  • javax.activation → 1.2.0
  • javax.mail → 1.6.2
  • jackson.fasterxml → 2.10.1
Updated platform components

最終更新日 2023 年 9 月 29 日


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