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Crowd Data Center is a deployment option specifically designed to support the unique and complex requirements of enterprise organizations, where Crowd is central to the authentication and user management infrastructure. It's currently available for Crowd 3.0, or later. This page provides resources related to Data Center, as well as a high-level introduction to how it works.

About Crowd Data Center

Crowd Data Center is a cluster of Crowd nodes designed to provide:

  • High availability and failover – If one cluster node goes down, then the remaining cluster nodes can continue servicing requests so that users have uninterrupted access to Crowd, and other systems connected to it.
  • Instant scalability – You can rapidly provision extra capacity with no downtime.


Crowd Data Center consists of a cluster of dedicated machines, connected like this:


ロード バランサは、クラスタ ノードに対するユーザーからのリクエストを分散します。あるクラスタ ノードがダウンした場合、ロード バランサはすぐに故障を検出し、数秒以内に他のノードにリクエストを自動的に振り向けます。セッション アフィニティをサポートする任意のロード バランサを使用できます。

アプリケーション ノード

Data Center ノードのクラスタは、着信するリクエストの負荷を共有します。1 つのクラスタノードで障害が起きても、リクエストはすぐに他のノードに振り向けられるため、ユーザーが可用性を失うことは事実上ありません。


Data Center supports the same databases that are supported for Crowd Server. It also supports any shared file system, which stores: import/export files, plugins, shared caches, and any data directory which includes attachments, avatars and icons.

Get started with Crowd Data Center


Learn more about Crowd Data Center and purchase a license or obtain an evaluation license

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