Wide tables are cut off in PDF exports in Confluence


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Tables are cut off when you export a page or space to PDF in Confluence 6.10.2 or later, as in the example below. 


When you export a page that contains a table, we'll reduce the width of the table columns as much as possible, so that the whole table fits on the page (a normal Confluence page is usually wider than an A4 / US Letter page). 

We don't automatically resize images within table cells however, so if your table contains large images, part of the table may be cut off when exported to PDF. 


There is a number of things you can do to avoid tables being cut off when you export a page or whole space to PDF.

Resize images in your table

When inserting images into your table, resize them in the editor so that the total width of the table won't exceed about 600px. 

In this example, each image has been resized to 200px in Confluence:

When this page is exported to PDF, the table is not cut off, because the total width of the table, including images, did not exceed 600px. 

Change the orientation of your table

If possible, change the orientation of your table, so that there are fewer columns. 

Change the PDF page layout to landscape or use a larger paper size

If you have space admin permissions, you can update the PDF stylesheet to:

  • change the page layout to landscape (this will allow your tables to be about 930px wide)
  • change the paper size, for example from A4 to A3
  • reduce the margins 

See Customize Exports to PDF for example CSS customisations. 

Note that these customisations will apply to all pages in the space, regardless of whether you're exporting a single page or the whole space. 

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