Team Calendars for Confluence not linking to users due incorrect timezone settings


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If you try to mention a user in a Team Calendars for Confluence event for example, it won't find the user and it'll show the following message in confluence logs:

2012-10-02 10:09:50,913 WARN [http-8090-1] [confluence.extra.calendar3.DefaultJodaIcal4jTimeZoneMapper] getTimeZoneIdsSupportedByJodaAndIcal4j Time zone IDs not supported (59): [HST, EET, GMT0, Etc/GMT+7, Etc/GMT+6, CST6CDT, UTC, Etc/GMT+5, Etc/GMT+4, EST5EDT, Etc/GMT+3, Zulu, Etc/GMT+2, MST, Etc/GMT+1, Etc/GMT+0, Etc/GMT, Universal, Asia/Katmandu, WET, EST, Etc/Greenwich, GMT-0, Etc/UTC, ECT, Etc/GMT-14, Etc/GMT-13, Etc/GMT-12, Etc/GMT-11, Etc/GMT-10, PST8PDT, MST7MDT, Etc/GMT-1, GMT, Etc/GMT-0, Etc/GMT+11, Etc/GMT+12, Etc/GMT-5, Etc/GMT+10, Etc/GMT-4, Etc/GMT-3, Etc/GMT-2, Etc/GMT-9, Etc/GMT-8, Etc/GMT-7, Etc/GMT-6, Etc/GMT+8, Etc/GMT+9, Greenwich, UCT, Etc/UCT, MET, CET, Etc/Universal, Etc/Zulu, AST, GMT+0, Etc/GMT0, SystemV/EST5EDT]


This is caused because

  • the timezone is not correctly set
  • Java which detects the default system timezone incorrectly
  • an ICS imported calendar specifying an invalid TZID

This other KB is related to the same error in timezone but a different message: 'The datetime zone id is not recognised' Error Appears Due to System Timezone



Set system property -Duser.timezone=YourTimeZone. See Configuring System Properties for details.

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After making the change, restart Confluence

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