Remember My Login on this Computer Fails Due to SSL Redirection (HTTPS)


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After changing Confluence to run over SSL, checking the "Remember my login on this computer" does not let Confluence users have the system remember their login info.


Confluence remembers a user's login by saving a cookie in the user's local machine. When the user attempts to login, this cookie will be sent to the server for authentication.

Securing the Confluence login page will cause the cookie marked as "secure" (HTTPS) and it will only be sent to the server over an HTTPS connection. But if the rest of Confluence pages are not secured (HTTP), this will prevent the cookie from being sent.

To know how the cookie is sent, you can analyze the cookie in Mozilla Firefox by clicking on the "show cookie" button and look for the "seraph.confluence" cookie.


Use https for the whole site. See Running Confluence Over SSL or HTTPS.

This problem has also been reported in CONF-9394.

最終更新日: 2016 年 2 月 26 日


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