JVM crashes during Import from Word in Confluence


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JVM crashes after attempting to import some Microsoft Word documents into Confluence using the Import form Word option.

The following appears in atlassian-confluence.log

2016-03-15 09:47:32,283 WARN [http-bio-8857-exec-15] [com.benryan.webwork.WordImportAction] executeFileUpload Failed to delete uploaded file /Users/person/instances/con57home/temp/upload_cbeeb5d3_176d_4655_a18c_08d216aa6987_00000001.tmp
 -- referer: http://localhost:8857/confluence/pages/worddav/uploadimport.action?pageId=98307 | url: /confluence/pages/worddav/importword.action | userName: admin | action: importword | page: 98307


We believe this error is related to the following JDK bugs:


If you experience this problem regularly you can enable an Office Connector Canary that will check whether an import is likely to succeed before proceeding with the actual import. This workaround is available in Confluence 5.9.1 and later. 

To enable the Office Connector Canary:

  1. http://<yoursite>/admin/darkfeatures.action に移動します。
  2. Paste the following dark feature key in the Enable dark feature field then hit Submit.


When a user attempts to import a file from Word, the Office Connector Canary will spawn a new JVM to try the document first. If the spawned JVM crashes we consider the document to unsafe and stop the import process. Users will see the following error in Confluence: "The uploaded file contains data which cannot be safely imported".


The Office Connector Canary process does consume additional memory. You can use the com.atlassian.confluence.officeconnector.canary.memory_value system property to increase the amount of memory if necessary. It currently defaults to 1024mb. See Configuring System Properties for more information.


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