JIRA Links button does not appear when Confluence 5.8 is connected to JIRA Software 7


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The JIRA links button does not appear at the top of a page when you've added individual JIRA issues to a Confluence page in Confluence Server 5.8 or earlier. 

This problem only occurs when Confluence Server is connected to JIRA Software 7.x, it does not affect Cloud customers.

Screenshot: The JIRA links button displaying correctly on a page. 


JIRA Software 7.0 requires at least version 1.7.14 of the Confluence JIRA Metadata plugin to display information from JIRA Software in the JIRA links button.  

Confluence Server 5.8 (and earlier) use an older version of this system add-on.  


To fix this issue, upgrade the Confluence JIRA Metadata Plugin system add-on to 1.7.14 or later:

  • In Confluence, go to > Add-ons
  • Select System from the filter drop down and locate the Confluence JIRA Metadata Plugin
  • Expand the plugin listing and click Update.

See Updating apps for more information on updating add-ons.

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