Inserting a JIRA Issue Search that returns one issue auto-formats to display the single issue instead of the list of issues in the search filter


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In Confluence 5.2 and above, when attempting to enter a JIRA Search filter in a page in Confluence, if the search returns only one issue, the issue will be inserted as a single issue, and not as a list of issues that match the search filter.


This was an intentional decision to simplify the user interface. In most cases, a search that returns only one issue would be best displayed as a single issue. 


In cases where it is simply chance that the search currently only returns one, and a full list is desired, you can enter the macro in wiki markup instead, to maintain the list format.

  1. Go to Insert > Wiki Markup
  2. Insert the following wiki markup:

    {jira:jqlQuery=your JQL filter goes here}

NB: You can edit the page without it auto-formatting to a single issue again, but if you edit the macro itself and click Insert, it will reformat to the single issue. If you need to change the query, you can edit the macro to extract the JQL, and then insert a new macro through Insert > Wiki Markup.


最終更新日: 2016 年 2 月 19 日


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