Identifying which space is integrate with Application Link


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User will be seeing the following statement when deleting application link especially 1 link from confluence space to JIRA projects will be deleted. The user are not sure which space is linked with JIRA project.



  1. Application link are created between Confluence and Jira
  2. Confluence space are integrated with JIRA Project


  • You need to run the following query in order to identify which space are linked with JIRA project.

    SELECT * FROM BANDANA WHERE BANDANAKEY LIKE '%space.linked.entities%';

    After running the above query you will be getting the following output (example) under the table BANDANAKEY. The space key will be after applinks.local.


    The output will provide the space key of the space that linked with the JIRA project, in this example it will be TEST. 

  • After getting the space key, please run the following query in your database to identify which space is linked with JIRA project.

    SELECT SPACENAME FROM spaces where spacekey='TEST';


Last modified on Mar 10, 2016


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