How to search for users with home page set and make them use the Global home space instead


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There are some companies that require their users to have just one global home space, however in confluence, the personal home page setting will override the global setting as stated here.

The user's personal settings will override the global setting.


There is a query that you can use on confluence 5.2 onwards to check all users who have set a personal home page:

SELECT um.username, os.entity_key, os.string_val FROM OS_PROPERTYENTRY os
JOIN user_mapping um on um.user_key = trim('USERPROPS-' FROM os.entity_name)
WHERE os.entity_key = '';

And with this list in hand you can either ask the users to remove their home page settings OR force a home page reset by using the delete query below:

Always backup confluence database before running any update or delete SQL command!!!

DELETE FROM os_propertyentry WHERE entity_key = '';


There is a feature request created for confluence which would provide this functionality to gracefully set and force the global home page on all users located here: CONF-33740 - Getting issue details... STATUS

There's no expectation to implement this feature for confluence, so we recommend to use the workaround provided in this KB as resolution.

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