How to Revert from Clustering to Single Node


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This article does not apply to Confluence Data Center, it only applies to Confluence clustered 5.4 or earlier.

Disabling a Cluster

If reverting from a Clustered configuration, one solution is to back up the data, install a new stand-alone, and restore the data. This is the recommended approach. An alternative is:

  1. Download the standard (non-clustered) distribution from the Confluence Downloads
  2. Point to the existing confluence-home directory.
  3. Set in confluence.cfg.xml:
<property name="confluence.cluster">false</property>

To check to see if clustering has been disabled, look in the logs after the xml during startup. In your catalina.out, you have:

INFO [KB:main] [KB:confluence.cluster.tangosol.TangosolClusterManager] startCluster Bringing up cluster service

This line won't exist if you start it up with the config we gave above. That's how to test it.

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