How to hide pages from showing on the left panel navigation tree in Confluence


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Sometimes there are pages on a space that Administrators would like to hide from the side bar in the left panel. 


To hide a page, create it at the root of the space instead of as a child of the space's home page.

  1. Navigate to the space and click Create
  2. Select a template if required and click Create in the bottom right corner
  3. Click Location at the top next to the breadcrumbs and backspace over the field New parent page
  4. Click Move in the bottom right corner
  5. The page will be created on the space you designated but not on any parent page. This is called an "orphan page".
    1. To access the orphan pages go to Space Tools > Reorder pages
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Creation of orphaned pages is not meant for use at scale and is should be carefully considered for use in your environment as it may cause issues with page hierarchy and page ancestors.

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