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'Powered by Atlassian'

Atlassian requires that the text 'Powered by Atlassian' be displayed in the footer on every page, as specified in section 3.6 of the Software License Agreement. Other than that, you can customize the footer text.


To change the footer text, follow the instructions in Modify Confluence Interface Text. You can specify additional configurations in /confluence/decorators/includes/footer-content.vm


(info) If the height of your footer is significantly greater than the default, you may need to add HTML to allow for the extra height of a custom footer.

If you need to revert to a former version, for example to restore the 'Powered By Atlassian Confluence' text, you can refer to the attached footer file.

Editing the version information in the footer
Please note that editing the version information displayed by Confluence is not recommended. If you alter the information it is harder for our support team to help you with any enquiries. Also note that there are other ways to determine the version of Confluence based on the files it exposes publicly and the URLs it generates, so removing the displayed version number is at best security by obscurity. If you still wish to edit this information, open the file /confluence/decorators/includes/footer-content.vmd. In the file there are several 'if' statements, because Confluence displays different footers for different license types. Find the one appropriate for your license and replace $generalUtil.versionNumber with the desired text. Please ensure that your changes do not break the EULA (end-user license agreement) you agreed to when Confluence was installed.

(info) It's also possible to insert a footer adding a Custom HTML script

    • Go to Confluence Administration
    • Select Custom HTML on the left panel, under the Look and Feel section
    • On the "At end of the body" box, insert the following code:

      jQuery('#footer').prepend('<div style="margin:20px;" align="center">Footer text here</div>');


Modify Confluence Interface Text
Changing the Look and Feel of Confluence

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