How to Create .ttc Family Font File


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Note: this is a third party tool not supported by Atlassian. This page is only offered as a guidance. For further instructions or support please visit their official site.


If you want to have special characters exported in your PDF, you'll need to have the specific font installed in Confluence. In order to display bold and italics, you'll need the complete family (ttc) instead of the single true type (ttf). FontForge is a free Open source tool for merging individual font files into a font family. It's available for Mac, GNU Linux and Windows 


Get the individual font files and install FontForge.

  1. Go to FontForge and follow the installation instructions for MacGNU Linux or Windows.

  2. Once you have it installed, create your family font. In Mac:
    1. Open all the fonts that make up your family in FontForge. 
    2. Choose File > Generate TTC.

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