How to convert a global space to a personal space type in Confluence


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Currently the Confluence Space Importer Converts Personal Spaces to Global on Import. A bug was reported here: CONF-29898 - Getting issue details... STATUS


This workaround is only valid if your space import has turned a personal space into a global space type, under any other circumstances this workaround is untested and may cause further problems.

データベースを変更する場合は、必ず事前にデータベースのバックアップを取得してください。可能な場合はテスト サーバーで変更を試すことをお勧めします。


The aim of this article is to convert the imported personal spaces which appear now as global in the target instance to personal spaces (which is the expected behavior). 


The steps below are for Confluence on-premise/server only. If you are Atlassian hosted/cloud please open a support ticket via

  • Bring Confluence down.
  • Backup your Confluence Database.
  • Run the below query to confirm that there's indeed a spacename which was supposed to be mapped to a spacetype of personal while it's not.

    select spacename, spacekey, spacetype from spaces where spacekey like '~%';
  • Confirm that the spaces identified above are the ones you want to convert to 'personal'.
  • Update the spacetype to personal, by running the below query:

    update spaces set spacetype = 'personal' where spacekey like '~%' and spacetype = 'global';

    NB: queries were run into a PSQL database.

  • Bring the application up.
  • Run a Confluence content indexing.


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