How to Change Notification with English Translation When Using Non-English Language Pack


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When you're using non-English language pack in Confluence, you might encounter a bug in Confluence (CONF-33460) where the content in Notification Box is not fully translated to your language pack.


The below steps are the instruction (even though the example is provided for Deutsch, it can be applied for other language as well) for the workaround to fix this.


Before you proceed with the following, please take a backup of your Confluence Installation Directory:

To edit the JAR File, you can follow the KB Article on How to Edit Confluence JAR file.

  1. Locate the first file:

  2. Open the JAR file to locate the following file:

  3. Find and copy the desired component (property name and value) in English.
    Example: Copy the following line{user} commented on {title}


  4. Locate the second file: (specific language pack that you use)

  5. Edit the JAR file to modify the following file:

  6. Append the file with the line copied from Step 3 (ensure the same property doesn't exist by searching for it; otherwise you may need to modify the value instead of adding the property). Change the value to your desired translation.
    Example: Append the file with the following line {user} put_the_correct_translation {title} put_the_correct_translation


  7. Save the changes and the JAR file. Ensure it's placed at the same directory as before.

  8. Confluence を再起動します。
  9. Go to Confluence Admin >> Manage add-ons and update the 'Workbox - Confluence Provider Plugin'


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