How to Add a Google Doc to a Confluence page using the HTML include macro


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To add a Google Doc to a Confluence page using the HTML Include Macro perform the following:

In Google Drive/ Google Doc
  1. Navigate to Google Drive
  2. Edit the Doc
  3. Under File choose: Publish to the web
  4. Publish the document by clicking the Start Publishing under the Published content & settings section.
  5. Ensure that the Automatically republish when changes are made is enabled so that the document republishes every-time there is any change in the document.
  6. Click the Link tab and copy the URL.
In Confluence
  1. Ensure that the is in the Allowlist. This will allow Confluence to accept content from that domain.
  2. Once done, head over to a Confluence page and click Edit
  3. Add a HTML Include Macro
  4. In the macro's setting paste the Google Doc URL from step #6 above
  5. The document will be displayed in Confluence. Updates to the document will also be displayed.


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