Confluence からもっと多くの統計を取得する方法はありますか。


アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。



To get more statistics from Confluence. Confluence has several plugins that you can use for generating statistics.


In addition, Confluence has a built-in access logging mechanism, which shows who has logged in and the URL invoked. To enable it, you need to modify a couple of configuration files and restart Confluence. The traditionally generated access log can then be analysed by one of the available access log analyser tools such as WebalizerGoogle Analytics or AwStats which can generate useful statistics.

See our documentation on Obtaining Confluence instance metrics

If none of the above tools satisfy your requirements, you can create a feature request in JIRA. Please note that there are already several feature requests and improvements created by our customers all being collated under one umbrella issue.

Please cast your vote, add your comments to the discussion and don't forget to add yourself as a watcher to be notified of the progress. All our improvements and new features are implemented according to this guide.




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