Error shown when using the page include macro in Confluence: "Unable to render {include} The included page could not be found."


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  1. When a page contains the Include Page Macro
  2. When the Include Page Macro includes a page from another space


  1. Try to login with an Administrator account (member of confluence-administrators group), make sure that you have the permission to view both the page that has the Include Page Macro, as well as the page that is being included.
  2. Make sure the Page to Include parameter is correct, with this convention: spaceKey:PageName

If you checked both of these, and still the problem persists, proceed to the resolution.


  • This error is typically caused by permissions.
  • Versions prior to Confluence 6.14 may be caused by this bug: CONFSERVER-36851 - Getting issue details... STATUS

If the error message is no longer displayed when you are logged in with the Administrator account, it is likely that the error is shown as a result of permissions. That is, the user seeing the error does not have permission to see the included page content. From that user's POV, the content does not exist, so the message is correct.

Currently there is no way to suppress the error message. There is a feature request for this ability: CONF-5436 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • Update page permissions to ensure the user has permissions to the page that is included.
  • If affected by CONFSERVER-36851 - Getting issue details... STATUS , follow the workaround from the bug, or upgrade Confluence.

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