Database Schema Warnings Related to 'mismatched definitions' Appear in the Log


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atlassian-confluence.log に次のメッセージが表示される。

Column [follower] of table [follow_connections] has mismatched definitions for expected [Column follow_connections.follower varchar(255) nullable] and actual [Column follow_connections.follower varchar(255) non-nullable]
Column [followee] of table [follow_connections] has mismatched definitions for expected [Column follow_connections.followee varchar(255) nullable] and actual [Column follow_connections.followee varchar(255) non-nullable]
Index [sp_comp_idx] of table [spacepermissions] has mismatched definitions for expected [Index spacepermissions.sp_comp_idx on [permtype, permgroupname] non-unique] and actual [Index spacepermissions.sp_comp_idx on [permtype, permgroupname, permusername] non-unique]


These warnings indicate that there is a discrepancy between Hibernate's expectation of the database schema, and the actual schema. This could be related to columns, data types, indexes etc.


In some cases, you may have elected to make these changes to the schema knowingly. If that is the case and you are confident they are not introducing any unexpected behaviour, they are fine to ignore.

However, schema requirements can change over time, or database misconfiguration can mean that changes are not applied correctly. If you're not aware of the reason for the discrepancy, it's best to fix it.

To resolve the issue, speak with your database administrator, as they should be able to make the required changes. It is also worth asking them to look into the Database Setup documents for your database system and ensure that the database is configured as recommended.

If you or your database administrator would like more information about your schema mismatches, please feel free to contact Support.

Last modified on Mar 30, 2016


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