Confluence Space or Site XML imported Page or Blog Creator is shown as Anonymous


アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。


プラットフォームについて: Server と Data Center のみ - この記事は、サーバーおよびデータセンター プラットフォームのアトラシアン製品にのみ適用されます。


 Space or Site XML imported Page or Blog Creator is show as annoymous even though they are not created by annoymous user.


It is a bug which are currently tracked here  CONF-34177 - Getting issue details... STATUS


アトラシアン サポートの提供について

The following approaches that involves SQL queries are beyond Atlassian Support Offerings. Please note that Atlassian does not support direct database INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE queries, as they can easily lead to data integrity problems. Atlassian will not be held liable for any errors or other unexpected events resulting from the use of the following SQL queries.

Backup your Database

Always backup your data before performing any modifications to the database.

Here is the step to find the actual creator and fix the page creator entry. Please ensure that you have backup your Confluence database before running the query below.

  1. Shutdown the Confluence
  2. Find the current version of pages or blogs which are showing creator as anonymous

    select contentid,contenttype,title,version,creator,prevver,spaceid from content where (contenttype='PAGE' OR contenttype='BLOG') and PREVVER is null and CREATOR is NULL;
  3. You will get the following result from the query which shows the pages that are affected by this issue. As you can see the creator column for the particular entry is NULL. When the creator column is NULL the Confluence will display it anonymous. In this case, the  title of the affected page is JIRA Knowledge Transfer

    contentidcontenttypetitleVERSION (バージョン)creatorprevvercontent_statusspaceid
    6884106ページJIRA Knowledge Transfer2NULLNULLcurrent685445
  4. Now we will need to find the actual creator of the page from the previous version of the pages or blog. Run the query below to list all the version for the affected pages and blogs based on their title. Please replace the <PAGE_TITLE> in the queries below with the title of the affected pages identify from the query from step 1

    1. If there is only one affected pages based on the query from step 1, use the query below

      select contentid,contenttype,title,version,creator,prevver,spaceid from content where title=<PAGE_TITLE> GROUP BY title;
    2. If there are more than one affected pages based on the first query, use the query

      select contentid,contenttype,title,version,creator,prevver,spaceid from content where title IN (<PAGE_TITLE_1>, <PAGE_TITLE_2>) GROUP BY title;
  5. Here's an example of the query result from step 3. The current version of the pages is 2 identify with the prevver column which is NULL. As we can see the previous version 1 has proper creator value.

    contentidcontenttypetitleVERSION (バージョン)creatorprevvercontent_statusspaceid
    6884105ページJIRA Knowledge Transfer18a88adea444f7c2101444fbe831200046883989current685445
    6884106ページJIRA Knowledge Transfer2NULLNULLcurrent685445
  6. Now we will need to modify the creator column for the affected pages with the value from the previous version. Please replace the <creator> in the query below with the creator value from the previous version. Also replace the <CONTENTID> in the query below with the contentid value of the current page.

    update content set creator=<CREATOR> where contentid=<CONTENTID>;

    Here's an example of a query based on the information from step 4

    update content set creator='8a88adea444f7c2101444fbe83120004' where contentid=6884106;
  7. Confluence を再起動します。

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