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The notification mail for all events are slow to reach the users, sometimes can reach up to hours to reach the intended recipient. No warning or errors are spotted at the mail queue, emails are leaving gradually but slowly.



Mail Queue Service の遅延

Mail Queue Services are scheduled to be running by default at once per minute. But sometimes due to user preference, it can be altered to different delay and this will take direct effect on how long it will be delayed to reach the end user. This can be verified by navigating to General Configuration > Scheduled Jobs and check if the mail queue is set to a different value, revert back to 1 minute and see if this helps. Proceed on with the Diagnosis if this value is set as default.

メール キューのエラー メッセージのスタック

There could be times where there is an error message not able to be flushed and therefore the Confluence application attempts to flush the mail, again and again, causing other mail items to be delayed on sending. But this can be identified from the logs itself or visually monitor the mail queue. Navigate to mail queue and perform a manual flush and see if there is any mail not leaving the queue if you manage to identify which mail is causing the delay, perhaps you could reach out to for further assistance.

サービスおよびサードパーティ製のプラグイン サービス

By default, Confluence applications services are running on either 2 or 4 QuartzWorker threads - this depends on the version of Confluence. If there is some obstruction or delay on the threads executing, the next service may not be executed despite having the services scheduled to run. To diagnose, follow steps below:

  1. [管理] > [トラブルシューティングとサポート] > [ログとプロファイルの作成] に移動します。
  2. 既定のロガーを見つけ、ログ レベルの [設定] をクリックして別のパッケージを確認します。

    If Confluence is restarted, these extra logging levels will be disabled and will need to be re-enabled upon each startup.

    2. com.atlassian.mail.queue (これは以降の手順の確認では使用しませんが、トリガーされています)
  3. 追加したパラメータが下部の一覧に表示されていることを確認します (ヒント: ブラウザの検索機能を使用することをおすすめします。有効化後は "DEBUG" として表示されます)。
  4. ログを 48 時間、または任意の時間取得し、ピーク時間のアクティビティを収集します。

  5. From the logs generated ($Confluence_HOME/log Directory) filter for the string "Attempting to run mail queue service" (hint: Linux based machine can use grep to print the result into a file, for Windows, utilize the findstr to print the result into a file). You will notice something like below as example: 

    2013-06-24 07:26:40,565 QuartzWorker-1 DEBUG ServiceRunner    Mail Queue Service [] Attempting to run mail queue service
    2013-06-24 07:28:40,570 QuartzWorker-1 DEBUG ServiceRunner    Mail Queue Service [] Attempting to run mail queue service
    2013-06-24 07:30:41,587 QuartzWorker-0 DEBUG ServiceRunner    Mail Queue Service [] Attempting to run mail queue service
    2013-06-24 07:32:40,570 QuartzWorker-0 DEBUG ServiceRunner    Mail Queue Service [] Attempting to run mail queue service
    2013-06-24 07:59:45,790 QuartzWorker-0 DEBUG ServiceRunner    Mail Queue Service [] Attempting to run mail queue service
  6. Compare the timing of the execution, from the example given above, you will notice that the service is executed 2 minutes once and sometimes it overshoots to almost 30 minutes. If your result is consistently 1 minute, it shows that most likely it could be caused by other factors, for example, the reason below:

ネットワークとメール サーバー

  1. メール サーバーに ping で到達できることを確認し、デリバリーの遅延が大きいかどうかを確認します。
  2. If the latency is high this will cause the delay for the JavaMail used by Confluence applications to receive the response in a timely manner.
  3. メール サーバーが SMTP をオーバーロードしている負荷によってリクエストが時間内に完了されていない可能性も考えられます。
  4. このような問題が発生した場合、ネットワーク管理者およびメール管理者にお問い合わせください。

逆引き DNS

Every time mail is attempted to be sent, it will perform a reverse DNS lookup for the Confluence server application hostname. If the DNS isn't reachable, Confluence application will have to wait for a timeout which can be a long period of time (20-40 seconds). 


メール サービスの遅延の原因に応じて、次のソリューションに従います。

Mail Queue Service の遅延

サービスのメール キューの遅延を、要件に合った短い間隔に設定します。

メール キューのエラー メッセージのスタック

  • Check if the message that is stuck contains any information that might prompt towards the root cause (Constant stuck on one particular recipient, or notification for one particular issue, or one particular type of event)
  • Provide your observation and data collected to for further analysis on the root cause (Please help to generate a full support zip (Administration > System > Atlassian Support Tool > Support Zip) for better diagnosis at our end)

サービスおよびサードパーティ製のプラグイン サービス

  • Check the services running, if you have more than 5 services running at the same delay as the mail queue (default 1 minute), it could delay the service to be executed as it will need to wait for another service to be completed on time. Set proper delay for services so it can be scheduled to run at a different time, example: mail handler service to run 5 minutes once and so forth.
  • Adjust the delay higher for other services at the mean time to determine which service is causing the problem (larger the delay will enable clearer view in the logs), see if the mail queue is getting executed on time. Readjust after you have determined which is the root cause of the delay.
  • Feedback to Third Party Plugin vendor if you found a particular service on that is provided by the Third Party takes a longer time to execute and complete.

ネットワークとメール サーバー

  • さらなるトラブルシューティングについて、ネットワーク管理者およびメール管理者に相談します。

逆引き DNS

  • hosts ファイルが正しいことを確認します。
  • サーバーのホスト名が正しいことを確認します。
  • ホスト名を ping します。

    ping <HOSTNAME>
  • Perform an nslookup on the IP that is returned:

    nslookup <IP_ADDRESS_FROM_PING>


  • (Linux のみ): DIG ルックアップを実行します。


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