Confluence backup for migration affects Jira Issue macro links


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Creating a backup of your Confluence instance, to import into an installed Confluence instance, affects Jira Issue macro with the warning:

"Unable to render Jira issues macro, execution error."

The Jira Issues macro was requesting the old server parameters because of the bug CONF-31026 - Getting issue details... STATUS . For example:

<li><ac:structured-macro ac:name="jira"><ac:parameter ac:name="server">StreamTheWorld JIRA</ac:parameter><ac:parameter ac:name="key">MYSQL-489</ac:parameter>

  1. Take a backup of your database.
  2. Run through Alternative Methods of Deleting Application Links in Confluence to delete the current application links in your local installed Confluence instance. Basically you just need to run:

  3. Then restart Confluence.
  4. Create a new application link between Atlassian OnDemand and your local instance. Make sure you select that you're using a different user base, and the servers trust one another fully.
  5. Edit a page that already has a JIra Issue Macro that isn't working, insert a new Jira Issue Macro immediately after the broken one. This should work with your new application link.
  6. On the page you just edited click: tools->view storage format.
  7. Search for '<ac:parameter ac:name="serverId">'. Immediately after this tag you'll see the ID of the broken application link, note this down.

  8. Search for '<ac:parameter ac:name="serverId">' again. You should find the working server id, note this down as well.

  9. 次の SQL を実行します。

    update bodycontent set body = replace(body, 'ID from step 7', 'ID from step 8');
  10. Go to your Cache Statistics screen in Confluence Administration and click 'Flush All'.

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