Changes to how personal information is shown in Confluence Cloud


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This article only applies to Atlassian's cloud products. Learn more about the differences between cloud and server.

The changes described in this article are related toprofile visibility settings in Atlassian Cloud. We recommend you read the following documentation before this article: Update your profile and visibility settings.

As part of our commitment to your privacy, we’ve made some changes to the way user data is handled in Confluence Cloud. This affects the following:

  • How personal spaces are named

  • The way you search for users

  • How personal information is exported from Confluence Cloud

パーソナル スペース

Until now, your personal space's name was your name (pulled from your user profile).With the recent changes, you can now modify your personal space name by going to the Space settings in your personal space. If you’re new to Confluence, you’ll be able to set your personal space name when you create the space.

Note: Your personal space name won’t change automatically with profile visibility changes.For example, if you change your full name’s visibility, the name of your personal space will remain the same.

Your profile photo appears as the logo of your personal space. When you change the visibility of your profile picture to your organization or only you, your profile photo appears only to people in your organization or just you. For details on how to set the visibility of your profile photo, see Update your profile and visibility.


We have also made some changes to advanced search.

  • When searching for a user’s name, advanced search will only show the results related to the user’s content and spaces where the user’s name appears. This search will no longer return users' profiles. For searching a user profile specifically, use Search People instead.

  • For advanced searches that include Contributor and custom fields like Creator, you’ll be able to find users by searching for either their public names or their full names, depending on their profile visibility settings.

Importing data to Confluence Server

These changes also affect Confluence Cloud data you’re importing into Confluence Server. Before you export the data from Confluence Cloud, check our recommendations on the following pages:

  • If you’re exporting XML data from Confluence Cloud and plan to import it into Confluence Server, follow the recommendations on this page.

  • If you’re creating a site backup and plan to import it into Confluence Server, follow the recommendations on this page.

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