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Is it possible to install multiple applications on the same server?


サーバー (オンプレミス型)



JIRA Applications:

For best integration across JIRA Core, JIRA Server, and JIRA Service Desk install on the same server, see Installing additional applications and version updates.



All other applications:

Installing multiple applications on the same server is supported but not recommended. Here are some of the pros and cons of installing on the same server: 


  • Reduced latency between the applications
  • Links between applications and other proxy settings can be easier to set up when applications live on the same server
  • Upgrades to JAVA and other software need to only be done once



  • If you need to restart a server to resolve a config or an error you take down multiple applications at once. This can be more impactful as these applications become mission-critical at your organization.
  • Sometimes the cost of a more powerful server exceeds the cost of running more multiple smaller servers. Our support frequently sometimes sees applications deployed on the same server with minimal resources and they suffer in performance as they compete to use the same memory for example.  To avoid resourcing problem, we have some rough sizing guides for Confluence and JIRA to help you gauge your Server needs. 


So in summary, you are welcome to deploy on the same server but you'll need to allow for enough resources (system requirements page is listed for each product in our to run each application with consistent performance results:


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