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Overview of Atlassian products and how they work together?




The Jira platform is, at its core, our workflow engine that allows you to track issues or tasks through a predefined and customizable workflow. These tasks can be organized by project, allowing for the entirety of your organization to track their issues at a project level with complete transparency using granular user permissions.


Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk is for teams who receive incoming issues/requests from other teams/customers. For example, hardware requests from other employees. It has extra features that let its projects function as help desks: service level agreements, reports, queues, accepting issues over portal or email, and more.

Jira Service Desk is designed specifically for end-users to submit tickets to a help desk team. Unlike Jira, Jira Service Desk requires licensing only to your agents. You can check out some introductory documentation here and our getting started guide here. Jira Service Desk is a great, simple solution to accept issues from others, but still have the power of the Jira platform for your teams to tackle their work

Jira Core

Jira Core takes this workflow engine and caters it for business teams to develop organized, easy to use, task-oriented projects. Whether the tasks are a simple to-do list or a robust 7 step workflow with complex transitions, Jira Core is built to accommodate all of your requirements. Jira Core is an excellent solution for business teams, legal teams, HR teams, non-technical teams, marketing teams, financial teams, operation teams, and more.

Jira Software

Jira Software unlocks the power of agile and kanban by giving your team the tools to easily create & estimate stories, build a sprint backlog, identify team commitments & velocity, visualize team activity, and report on your team's progress. To give your team a tour through a complete project, the following guide contains two tutorials that show a simple agile workflow at a small software company. This guide touches on some of the most used features and follows the development team at Teams in Space as they work to improve their next-generation space travel software.


Confluence is a collaboration wiki used to help teams collaborate and share knowledge efficiently. It acts as your document collaboration and repository as it keeps full tracking of what changed in each document, when, and by whom to keep an 'audit' trail.  Team members can create, share, and collaborate on content.  For service teams, Confluence in integration with Jira Service Desk provides a powerful knowledge base.  For development teams in Jira Software and for business teams working in Jira Core, Confluence offers powerful integration features for project documentation, team knowledge, capturing requirements, and much more.  

With version 5.7, Confluence introduced a new feedback loop and Confluence 6.x offers even more with collaborative editing.  Confluence becomes the singles source of truth for all of your teams.

Free Confluence Cloud trial or Free Confluence Server trial


Bitbucket Server is the on-premises Git repository management solution for enterprise teams. It allows everyone in your organization to easily collaborate on your Git repositories.


Statuspage helps teams inform customers and end-users about outages and scheduled maintenance. Statuspage is the communication piece of your incident management process. Keep users in the loop from 'investigating' through 'resolved'.


Opsgenie is a modern incident management solution for operating always-on services that enable dev and ops teams to stay aware and in control of alerts and incidents.

Advanced Roadmaps for Jira

Advanced Roadmaps is a Jira Software Cloud Premium feature that's designed to help multiple teams collaborate together, track the big picture, identify dependencies across large pieces of work, and plan for team capacity.

Advanced Roadmaps is available as a standalone app for Jira Software Server and Data Center.

Jira Align

Jira Align is an Enterprise Agile Planning platform that helps improve visibility, strategic alignment, and enterprise adaptability in order to accelerate your digital transformation.

Understand the differences between Advanced Roadmaps and Jira Align.

Working together

Jira と Confluence

Jira is "the workflow engine". Meaning, Jira is great at holding items that represent specific tasks or 'objects' and can track the status of the task.  In this example the contract lifecycle. Jira can support custom fields where you can define dates to remind your team of due dates or expiration of the contract.

The power comes from Jira and Confluence integrated together. You can link a page (the contract from this example) and the Jira item together. Then Jira becomes your reporting tool on the number of contracts in progress or completed, region, due date, reminders, etc.  You can even create a dashboard to report on all your contract statuses cumulatively such as percent completed or in the review.

Jira Software and Confluence

Confluence and Jira were designed to complement each other, and have a number of integration points built-in. If your Confluence and Jira sites are connected using Application Links, you can display and create Jira issues and more from within Confluence. Check out this article for full details on creating Jira issues from Confluence.

Jira Software and Bamboo

Bamboo can pass important development information like build results and deployment statuses back to a Jira application. This information is collated within the Development Panel. This panel summarizes the status of all work related to an issue and can assist in identifying where an issue's build is failing, and where it has been deployed.

Jira Software and Jira Align

Jira Align leverages your teams' data in Jira, in order to help achieve your Agile at Scale transformation. From product management to portfolio leaders, be able to quickly see how the work done in Jira maps to the strategic direction of your business. 

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