My admin left the company. How do I gain admin access to Atlassian Cloud applications?




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How can I gain admin access to Atlassian Cloud applications after our admin left the company?





To keep your account safe and secure, you'll need to add a new technical contact for your Cloud subscription. Once new technical contact(s) are established, you'll be able to file a support request and our support staff can change your admin setting to any technical contact listed on your account.  Note: You can add multiple people as a technical contact for a single subscription or a license as a backup.

There are two ways you can add a technical contact:

1. Reach out to the currently authorized contact and ask them to add you following the directions for adding an account contact.

2. If you cannot communicate with the authorized contacts, then you will need to work with your IT team to gain account access to the authorized contact's email. Then, start recovering access to your Atlassian account:

These security best practices are set in place to guarantee the sensitivity and proper protection of our customers' Cloud data and accounts.

Once you have the contacts that are still with your company listed as the technical contacts feel free to file a support request which must come from one of those newly listed technical contacts and request to be made an admin for your Atlassian Cloud site. To send your support request, go to and have your Cloud URL or SEN handy.






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