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Migrate Confluence Server to Confluence Cloud

You can import all your content from Confluence Server into your Confluence Cloud site. Learn more at Plan your Confluence Server to Cloud migration.  

Migrate Confluence and Jira Server into single Atlassian Cloud site

You can migrate Jira Server as a full site export and import. See Plan your Jira Server to Cloud migration for details.

If you're migrating Confluence Server to an Atlassian Cloud site which also includes Jira, you will need to use space by space import. For details, refer to Plan your Confluence Server to Cloud migration.

Migrate Bitbucket

It's easy to import a repository.

If you have multiple repositories, you can automate the import. You'll need to create your own script using the BitBucket Cloud API to automate the import from existing repositories


  • Users and groups: To import a list of users and groups to Atlassian Cloud, review the documentation here.
  • Apps: While some apps exist in both Cloud and Server environments, several exist only in one environment. Check the Atlassian Marketplace to see if apps you're interested in are available in your new environment. Keep in mind that Cloud add-ons are licensed and paid for separately from Server add-ons.

  • Support: Need more support with strategy, best practices, or planning questions? Our migration planning specialists can help with planning your migration from Confluence Server to Confluence Cloud. Technical question or issue? Get in touch with our Technical Support team. For more migration planning information and FAQs, visit the Atlassian Cloud Migration Center.

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