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Can we connect Confluence Server applications with Cloud applications?


Cloud / Server


Server applications can be linked with Cloud applications to achieve cross-product integration of features between the two platforms. Refer to Link to server apps from Cloud documentation.  Atlassian Cloud uses either Atlassian account or its native directory for authentication (we are progressively migrating all sites to use Atlassian account where internal directory is used).  For Cloud authentication with external user directory see Google Apps integration and SAML (Beta) options.

If a user wants to create a JIRA Server issue on a Confluence Cloud page or Confluence Cloud gadget in JIRA Server, that user will be prompted to authenticate in both systems to allow the two systems to interact together.  This authenticated session can be remembered assuming cookies are enabled to avoid needing to authenticate each time when utilizing integration feature between your applications.

Notes on "remember me" feature during authentication:

  • Functionality for original login – Life of “Remember me” cookies is 14 days, by default when a user is created for the first time.
  • Functionality for new login – Life of “Remember me” cookies is 30 days for a new user who explicitly clicks “Remember me” checkbox on the login page.








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