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Atlassian’s cloud and server products provide the same benefits – planning, tracking, collaboration, code repository management, and more – but differ in features and functionality. In some cases, you may discover that the cloud version of a product includes functionality that is fulfilled through an app on server. 

Migrating apps from server to cloud

Before beginning a migration from server to cloud, we recommend a full evaluation of the cloud product first in order to assess the need for additional functionality. If you want to extend your cloud trial, you can evaluate cloud apps alongside the product for free.

The Atlassian Marketplace offers nearly 4,000 apps and integrations that extend the functionality of Atlassian Cloud products. These include free integrations with leading SaaS productivity and collaboration tools like Slack and Dropbox, and subscription-based licensing of some of the most beloved server apps.

New cloud apps are frequently added to the Marketplace, however, if you don’t see a cloud version of a server app, we recommend that you consider other apps that fulfill similar use cases by reviewing category pages. For example, you can easily browse through all cloud project management apps. If you’re looking for an update on when a specific server app will offer cloud support, please contact the app vendor directly.

カスタム アプリ

Many Atlassian customers create custom apps to fulfill specific workflow or team needs. Our cloud and server products have distinct APIs, so if you’ve built a custom app for your server product, be sure to review our cloud API guides here to learn how to create a similar app for your cloud product.


To learn more about the differences between Atlassian's cloud and self-managed products, see Compare Atlassian Cloud and Data Center

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