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What are popular JIRA Software gadgets?




The dashboard is the screen that all JIRA users see the first time they log in. Any users who have not added any dashboard pages as favorites can also see the default dashboard.

JIRA allows Administrators to configure the dashboard. The gadgets on the default dashboard can be re-ordered, switched between the left and right columns, additional gadgets can be added, and some gadgets can be configured. The layout of the dashboard (e.g. number of columns) can also be configured. Refer here to know how to add and configure gadgets on the dashboard.

JIRA provides the ability to display summary information about project/issue data on the dashboard, through the use of 'gadgets'. Each gadget can be configured to display project and issue details relevant to particular users. Gadgets can be added to the dashboard — providing a central location for quick access to this information. Refer here for the list of dashboard gadgets.

Here are few pre-installed gadgets useful for project management.

  • In Progress Gadget: This gadget displays all issues that are currently in progress and assigned to the current user viewing the dashboard.
  • Assigned To Me Gadget: It displays all open issues in all projects assigned to the current user viewing the dashboard.
  • Calendar Gadget: This gadget shows issues and versions in a calendar format based on their due date. Calendars can be based on an issue filter or on a project.

Note: Most of the dashboard gadgets are not specific to project, but can pull tickets according to any given criteria.

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