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Can I install additional applications on JIRA Software?




JIRA Service Desk is a standalone application, but for higher integration, it is better to install into a single JIRA Software installation. If installed separately they will work as two instances with limited federation abilities rather than as an integrated whole i.e. shared user bases, workflows, issue types, etc.


To install JIRA Service Desk on JIRA Software, you can do it in a way similar to installing a plug-in. After you have installed your first JIRA application and have it running, you can install more applications and update existing applications through the Versions & licenses page.

You need to have the following to install extra applications on JIRA Software:

  • You need to have the JIRA Administrator global permission to install extra applications or updates.
  • アプリケーションのトライアルライセンスを取得するには、アトラシアンアカウントのログイン詳細が必要です。
  • If your JIRA instance is not connected to the internet, you can download the added application or needed updates manually from the Atlassian website. Then you get a trial license for your additional application at my.atlassian.com. But you need to provide your Server ID.

Check out the link for more information on installing extra applications on JIRA Software.










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